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Open Elms

Employee Management Systems (EMS)

SCORM compliant DSE e-learning courseAll e-learning WMB courses are compatible with our Employee Management System (EMS). The system allows you to ask questions about your employees and activate tasks as a result.

For instance

A question such as ...

e-learning training for Open Source e-learning SCORM compliant course

"Do you need a new seat?"

.. can be added to an e-learning program on ergonomics and office safety.

If an employee carries out the course and answers "Yes" then this creates a ...

Employee Management System

'New Seat' task.

This will automatically be assigned to the ...

Learning Management System

Line manager

... who in turn can assign it to a ...

Open Source Learning Management System open Elms

Facilities manager

... who can then purchase a seat and the status of the task to ...

Learning Management System add-on for business


A complete audit trail is kept of this process.

Any questions?

The above task is an example of what is possible, but you can ask any question(s) such as ...

  • "Do you have a copy of the company brochure?"
  • "Have you submitted your P45 to the HR office?"
  • "Have you had a welcome interview"

The options are limitless

Why not try the system yourself?

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