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Open Elms

Open ELms Learning Management System

About Open ELms

Open Elms is an open source project designed to create a Learning Management System focussed on the needs of business.  This was a reaction to the rather "moodled" design of the industry standard Learning Management System which often confused the user with an array of functionality unsuited to business needs.  

Open ELms was launched by e-Learning WMB to the open source community in 2006 and has since undergone many iterative changes in response to business needs and technology changes.  The product is now in its 7th version which can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Open Elms Pro

Open Elms Pro was lanched at the end of 2013 and represents a total rewrite of the original Open ELms system.  The rewrite was necessary in order to take advantage of advances in Browser technologies and Mobile Learning. 

Open Elms Pro also the option of including an integrated authoring system - Jackdaw Cloud - into the Learning Management System which produces e-learning of unparalleled sophistication.  e-learning includes video presenters in 3D interactive virtual worlds.  Editable courses which can be purchased separately on this site have all been built using Jackdaw Cloud.

Additional Services

Open Elms Pro is supported and design by the same company - e-learning WMB - that produces the e-Learning content and the Jackdaw Cloud authoring system.  As such it can offer a hollistic approach to e-learning with an array of additional services including bespoke development, customisable courses, induction and the one-stop membership solution.